Tailored revamps

Revamping UFT fluid bed granulation units is fairly easy. For smaller revamps usually utilization of spare capacities in existing equipment and minor modification may give increases in capacity between 10 to 15%.
For larger steps in production capacity the granulator has to be extended, which means more sprayers and enlarging of cooling area. Solid handling equipment and coolers have to checked for suitability of higher capacities and modified/replaced if required. With these measures capacity increases up to 60% are possible (please refer to the list of remarkable references given below).
The first towards a revamp is the preparation of a revamp study by UFT. Based on this the feasibility checked and further steps like basic and detail engineering can follow.

Remarkable reference plants:

Customer Location increase from
KAFCO Bangladesh 1,725 to 2,100 mt/d
EFC Egypt 2,000 to 2,250 mt/d
ABF Malaysia 1,500 to 2,450 mt/d
Saskferco Inc. Canada 2,000 to 2,850 mt/d
PCS Nitrogen Trinidad 1,620 to 1,800 mt/d



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