The granulator is the key component in every granulation plant. The granulator comprises of the Granulator Upper Casing and the Granulator Lower Casing including the urea injection system.

UFT delivers the Granulator Lower Casing as a complete factory-pre-assembled package unit, and is consequently involved in every phase from engineering, to expediting and inspection, to delivery of the Granulator Lower Casing, as well as cooperating with selected manufacturers.

The delivery of the Granulator Lower Casing as proprietary equipment, UFT´s outstanding experience in granulator design spanning nearly thirty years, and the feedback from the 60+ granulators designed ensure the highest possible quality standards.

UFT has gone to enormous lengths to optimize the design of the granulator. For example, fluid dynamic calculations were performed to optimize the fluidization air flow supply to the granulator lower casing, and the exhaust air flow to the downstream scrubbing system. As a result, UFT offers a granulator design which provides excellent product quality while boasting low investment costs and low operating costs per ton of urea.

FEM (Finite Element Method) models have been developed to optimize the mechanical design of the Granulator Upper and Lower Casing under prevailing design conditions, such as design pressure and earthquake factors, and to minimize the weight of the granulator upper and lower casing while maintaining higher mechanical stability.

This means that UFT is able to make customized designs for all plant sizes, especially for mega and jumbo plant size granulators.